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In addition to our regular classes, Sabater's Martial Arts Center is active in performing public demonstrations of Karate, participating in martial arts tournaments, holding a fun annual Karate Beach Picnic for students and their families, visiting other martial arts schools in "Dōjō Exchanges" and participating in special training seminars held by visiting Karate Masters from Japan.

Here you can view photos of our classes, see our students in action at tournaments, and having fun at our school activities and demonstrations. We add new material here periodically, so come back often to see all the latest happening at our school. 

Our Media Gallery


Karate Demonstration at San Jose Japantown

Our school regularly demonstrates each year at the annual Spirit of Japantown festival in San Jose each Fall. This video shows scenes from our demonstrations.

Shihan Cornell Watson Memorial (May 2, 2015 at Montara Beach, Calif.)

(Run time: 1 hr. 30 Mins)


A video of the Memorial Service for Shihan Cornell Watson (7th Degree Black Belt in Goju-Ryu Karate), held by Sabater's Martial Arts Center and many of Cornell's close friends in California. Cornell passed away in Texas on Dec. 13, 2014, and this Memorial Service was held a few months later for many of his students and friends in California who were unable to go to Texas for his funeral. Over the many years as a Karate Instructor, Cornell inspired and influenced many people.


This video features many of Cornell's friends and students reminiscing about him, and features the sights of Montara Beach, which was a favorite spot for Cornell when he hosted his annual Karate School Summer Beach Parties over the years. After reminiscing, Cornell's Friends gathered together to release balloons at the end of the service to wish Cornell well in the "Great Karate Dojo in the Sky"...

Our Annual Karate Beach Party

​Fun for all in the surf and sun! Watch students brave the surf as they work on their techniques against the waves, and see them try their Karate skills at whacking watermelons.

Photos (Click on on the images to view slideshows)
Dōjō Exchanges

In addition to our regular classes, we occasionally make field trip visits to other local martial arts schools to let our students experience different martial arts styles. At Sabater's Martial Arts Center, we know that a well-rounded martial artist has knowledge of, and respect for, different martial arts.


Our students work out alongside the students of other martial arts schools, and they learn firsthand about other techniques, and they have opportunities to share what they know of Gōjū-Ryū Karate with the students of other schools. These are great opportunities to expand the students' knowledge and experience, and they get to make friends with fellow martial arts practitioners.

Special Gōjū-Ryū Training Seminars 

We participate in special seminars taught by Gōjū-Ryū Karate masters visiting from Japan for advanced training.


Participants in these special seminars are Gōjū-Ryū practitioners from all over America, Latin America, Europe, Japan and many other countries. Our students get valuable opportunies to make friends with their fellow practitioners from all over the world, and they experience tradional Japanese-style training directly from Japanese Gōjū-Ryū masters. 


We have also visited Texas to receive personal training with our school's founder, Shihan Cornell Watson (7th Degree Black Belt).​ 


We occasionally participate in martial arts tournaments to test our skills against other martial arts styles. At our school, we stress good sportsmanship when participating in tournaments.


We have participated in tournaments of Taekwondo, Shotokan Karate, Kyokushin Karate, and other styles. Our students experience how well their techniques work and learn from the styles of other students, too.



Annual Beach Parties
Our school holds an annual beach picnic and party each year for the students and families, which has become a highlight for all the students. 


Dressed in our "Gi" or  Karate uniforms, our students and instructors work-out out on the sand and then in the surf, in a test or will and balance agains the waves!


Afterwards, our students emerge from the surf to try their skills against watermelons and thereafter enjoy all the good food and BBQ prepared on-site.

It's fun in the sun for everyone!

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