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About Gōjū-Ryū Karate

Gōjū-Ryū is one of the "four major styles" of the Japanese Karate system (Gōjū-Ryū, Wado-Ryū, Shotokan and Shito-Ryū). The Japanese term "Gōjū-Ryū" means "The Hard & Soft Style". "Gō" means hard or firm or tough, while "Jū" means flexible or soft. A comprehensive martial art form, Gōjū-Ryū originated from the Okinawan karate system of self-defense. Gōjū-Ryū combines "hard" striking attacks such as kicks and punches with "softer" circular techniques for blocking and controlling the opponent, including locks, grappling, takedowns and throws.

Gōjū-Ryū as Effective Self-Defense

Gōjū-Ryū Karate specializes in close-quarter combat techniques, which are devastatingly effective in real world street fight situations. Many techniques focus on escape, countering attacks, blocking and when necessary, neutralizing an opponent quickly  with strikes, kicks, sweeps, pressure points and other uses of force. Gōjū-Ryū Karate techniques can be practiced by men and women, young and old.

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